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Semicolons in Space is not just a styleguide. Semicolons in Space is a lifestyle. Using SIS is easy, efficient and effective.
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To format non-SIS code, simply paste it down below, select your language, click format and we'll handle the rest.
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Developers using SIS report 68% less work frustration, 83% of developers report equal or improved work experience with SIS. Companies using SIS show 4.2% higher productivity. This way, projects get more efficient. Good for your devs, good for you, good for the environment!


When Irmin first learned Java, he was frustrated, that all those little characters seemed to follow him around without actually serving a purpose that a line break couldn't. Semicolons in Space solved that problem by putting the pointless characters somewhere else. Now he is more efficient as a programmer, not having to worry about semicolons anymore. It is time that you too solve the issue of semicolons once and for all.
KaffeePott recently committed to improving their code quality. On their venture to do so, they stumbled across the SISS. We have recommended them SIS among many other measures to drastically restructure their code. KaffeePott has since seen a 43% increase in active users due to improved code.

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